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A wonderful wine resort, a special OMOTENASHI

Wine is more fun if you know the origin

"Majestic vineyards spreading before our eyes have different faces every season
I will show you. Taste the best Japanese wine born from there with eyes,
If you taste it with your tongue, you will surely find one best piece of you. "

  1. About manners
  2. History of wine. place of origin
  3. I know the winery.
  4. Let’s go for a walk!

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The luxury that there is with wine

Yamanashi Prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese wine. There are hot springs where you can relax relaxingly forgetting the climate and natural scenery where fine wines are born, the foods that received the blessings of nature, and the bustle of everyday life.
Please spend luxurious time by forgetting the time in the wine-producing region representative of Japan and enjoying the whole region.

贅 -zei-

The region of the Gyeongdong area is a region where production is extensive throughout the fruit kingdom, Yamanashi. Production volume of grapes and peaches The first place in the country is a proof that it is a top brand. Please enjoy fruits that you can enjoy every season, a gem of exquisite foods that match these wines that you can taste only with those ingredients.

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癒 -iyashi-

Through communicating with the people who form the regional history and the production area, learning the process of making a piece of wine, touching culture and slowly immersing in one of the premier hot springs while receiving local hospitality. There is a superb "healing" in the Godong area.

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愉 -tanoshimi-

By feeling the wind of the area, feeling the color, feeling the smell, you can know the wine deeper. In the Gongdong area, a spectacular space called Peyugenggang that spreads peach-colored carpets in the spring, valley beauty where clear water flows in the summer, a magnificent grape shelf that changed color in fall, It spreads. The rich landscape that changes color every season is also one of the enjoyment of the trip.

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Well, to the journey. Check the latest trip information.

  1. Yamanashi vineyards – Visiting a Japan Heritage

A touching experience that is only here

Event information

  1. 【 April 30, 2017】 2017 Egao Festa


The charm, pleasures, impression of the wine resort you found, the wind, scent, temperature, color, taste of the wine resort you felt ... Please tell me.

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Let’s go for a walk!

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About manners

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History of wine. place of origin

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I know the winery.

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