Let's know about wine manners

About manners

In a visit to winery

How to accept a winery tour depends on the winery.
In addition to shops and tasting corners, there are also wineries where you can visit farm tours and visit the brewing process.
In farm tours, you can realize that wine making and grape production are deeply involved, and that the quality of grapes is closely related to the quality of the wine.
Although the “Winery Tour” with guidance basically requires reservation, if you want to visit the winery which is operated by a small number of people, I would like to pay attention such as putting in contact in advance.
In the winery, we value communication with customers, but in some cases we may have to refuse to visit at the busy season of wine brewing.
Let’s get in touch with the winery and enjoy communication with the winery so that you will not get lonely feeling refused by going to the winery.

Manners to watch out for tasting·Notes

In the winery, we are looking forward to enjoying the individuality of each wine and allowing us to select.We are also in a position to visit, keep in mind the minimum manners and cautionary points, and want to try out pleasantly.

1.Discreetly, perfumes and colons.

Perfumes, colognes, etc. may affect the evaluation of the fragrance of wine. Please be careful as wineries are a place to visit by various people.

2.Ask positively questions.

Each winery is making wine with its own commitment. Please do positively ask questions when tasting. You should know the feelings of the maker.

3.Tasting=not all you can drink.

Wine tasting is not a drinkable place. It is for checking the taste and fragrance of wine and selecting your favorite wine. It is not for drunk never, so let’s fully understand the meaning of the tasting and enjoy the winery’s personality. Especially in places where you can taste wine by yourself, please do not pour wine and throw away wine.

4.Let’s know the meaning of service crackers and bread

Crackers and breads at the time of tasting are never “snacks”. It is not for filling your stomach but for sipping your mouth to the next wine, so be careful.

5.Do not speak loudly about the impression of wine.

Even the same wine is different for each person. If you say your opinion in a loud voice, that preconceived will be planted in the surrounding people. Let ‘s feel comfortable when you take notes and talk about yourself.

6.Do not forget the gratitude.

At the winery, we are in touch with our gratitude for visiting us. Purchasing wine is free, but let’s say a word when you sample.

7.Do not forget the tasting wine by force.

When you taste several kinds of wine, drinking it all makes me drunk. Then it will be impossible to accurately analyze the original purpose wine. Make sure to check the color and fragrance without impossibility, and let out in the mouth and spit out to the special equipment. Of course you do not mind to drink, but let’s understand that it is not for getting intoxicated.