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Kyotou area in Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Fuefuki Koshu

3Kyotou areas without the country of Fuji

The Kyouto region is located in the eastern part of the Kofu Basin and consists of the three cities of Yamanashi City, Fuefuki City, and Koshu City. The total area is 755.8 kilometers, accounting for about 17% of the prefecture's total area of 4465 kilometers.
Most of the topography is the mountainous land belonging to the Chichibu Mountains and Misaka Mountains and the alluvial fan formed by the Fujikawa River Fujikigawa River or its tributary river, the fruit trees are cultivated around this alluvial fan and it is known as one of the nation's leading fruit trees It is.
The area is about 7490 ha (2015), which is 30% of the whole prefecture, and about 90% is occupied by orchards. Both grapes account for about 46% and peaches about 37%, boasting the nation's largest cultivation area, and these two crops exceed 80% of the fruit tree area and are responsible for less than 80% of the prefecture's production volume . Other thighs, scallops, cherries etc. are cultivated.
 In addition, in this prefecture, there are about 80 wineries out of the winery which are said to be more than 200 in the country, and among them there are about 60 wineries in the Gongdong area, the best winery collection in the country It is the ground.

In particular, the improvement of the quality of Koshu wine made from Koshu species grapes unique to the prefecture has been remarkable in recent years, and has also won numerous awards even at the internationally prestigious wine competition. White wine made with this Koshu grape is characterized by the taste suitable for Japanese food, attracting attention even overseas of the Japanese boom, and the evaluation is globally gaining.
Also, "Japan Wine Competition" (Japan Wine Competition) competing in the quality of wines made with domestic grapes 100% is held every year in Yamanashi Prefecture.
In July 2013, "Yamanashi" was designated for the first time as "wine region" in the "geographical indication" that protects the name of origin.
As a result, the wine labeled "Yamanashi" is expected to satisfy a number of requirements, and it is expected that the added value will be high, guaranteeing origin and quality, further strengthening the brand power of the wine producing area toyana .

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