Takeda family's deep history and cultural city

Koshu city

Takeda family's deep history and cultural city

Koshu city is located in the eastern part of the Kofu basin, the Chichibu mountain range including Chigichi Tama Kai National Park's Chinichi Ridge is spreading to the northeast side, Shikawa, Hikawa between the mountains and the flat part in the south And a composite fan formed by its tributaries are spreading. It is located within 100 km from Tokyo, with the central motorway Katsunuma interchange set up, and has three stations of JR Chuo Main Line.
In the city, there are many Shinto shrines and temples of the Takeda family such as the Buddhist Temple of Takeda Shingen Public Buddhist temple, the Kokutokuin which is Kotobukiji Temple of Katsuki, and industrial heritage related to the birth and origin of domestic wine There are many scattered industrial heritage of modernization. The total area of ​​the city is 264.01 square kilometers, and agriculture centering on fruit tree cultivation such as grapes, peaches, plums, oysters, cherries, etc. is the main industry, and both quality and production amount become the leading production area in Japan It is. In addition, the wines brewed in winemaking beyond the large and small centers, mainly in the Katsunuma area, are among the leading producers in Japan, and its quality is highly appreciated both in Japan and abroad.

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《Grape shelf》
Katsunuma area is an alluvial fan, draining sandy soil widely distributed, and since ancient times it was a land suitable for grape cultivation. In addition, there are a lot of sunshine, blessed by the cool wind blowing down from the Sasago Pass, it also blesses the temperature difference between day and night, and grapes are all well matched.

Miyakouen is a collective term for the wine brewery and sightseeing vineyards founded by Mitsutaro Miyazaki. Currently, it is repaired and maintained as a museum which can know the root of Japanese full-fledged winemaking, exhibits valuable video materials and photos, wine labels of the time, etc. discovered from here.

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