The best Shangri-la in Japan

Fuefuki city

Beautiful scenery of the Tougenkyo, rich nature and superior view

Fuefuki city is situated near the east of the Kofu Basin, nearly 100 km from Tokyo Metropolitan Tokyo,"Peach · Grape Japan's first town", isawa · kasugai It is known as a tourist city with its hot springs town.

Geographically, the flat area spreading along the Fuefukugawa River is set as a middle ground, a gentle hilly area spreading to the south, daizoukyoujiyama and kabutoyama run from the north chichibucordillera, and a coherent basin terrain surrounded by the southern Misaka mountain It is getting.

The city has a beautiful tree-plant landscape surrounded by orchards such as hot spring towns and peaches and grapes, rich in natural and precious plant communities, ancient ruins and shrines, Kamakura road, Yokohiko etc. It is blessed with abundant landscapes, such as the old road, the monument of the monument, the old farmhouse, characteristic rural landscape, the excellent view that can see the Kofu Basin, hot spring facilities, large parks, climbing and hiking courses, museums, There are also many tourism recreation facilities such as winery.

Walking course / Recommended spot

"Oka - Choshizuka tomb"
The biggest keyhole-shaped keyhole in the city, which is designated as a cultural asset in Yamanashi Prefecture, is located in Yatsushiro Furusato Park. Many people enjoy a wonderful view while going up to the park's burial mound in the hill, and you can feel the history close.

《Fuefuki city Tougenkyo》
Fuefuki city is a straight production center of a peach proud of the best cultivation area in Japan (with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "15, Heisei yearly output fruit tree production shipment statistics"). As for the state that the peach blossom which there are 300,000 in the city is in full glory all at once, scenery deserving to be you opens if I right call it Shangri-la.

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