About Fuji's country Yamanashi Kyoutou wine resort concept

About Wine Resort Association

Regional tourism and revitalization of the regional economy based on the Kyoutou region

The tourists who visit Yamanashi because Mount Fuji which is a Japanese symbol was registered with world’s cultural heritage in June, 2013 largely increase regardless of inside and outside the country.
In particular, many tourists visit Fuji North Foot area which has Mt. Fuji, it is crowded, but as we aim for further development of Yamanashi prefecture, we will link tourists with various tourism resources in the prefecture around the prefecture By doing so, it is necessary to increase the exchange population in Yamanashi Prefecture and to revitalize the economy.
Yamanashi Prefecture is in a great position adjacent to the metropolitan area, surrounded by beautiful mountains on every side, from among its rich nature, including seasonal fruit, wine, jewelry, mineral water, textile, seal, washi paper There are a lot of special products boasting in the whole country that are produced.
Among them, concerning the wine produced from grapes with the largest production volume, mainly in the Gongdong region consisting of the three city areas of Yamanashi City, Fuefuki City, and Koshu City, Koshu species and Muscat · Bailey A species are international In recent years, Yamanashi Prefecture wine (O · I · V) has been registered as a unique varieties of Japan in the grape wine organization (O · I · V), and has won a prize at the European prestigious wine competition, The number of tourists aiming at is also increasing.
In addition, in the Gongdong area, beautiful agricultural landscape itself fruit growing fruit tree agriculture itself becomes a big tourist resource, such as a series of vineyards that green leaves weave, and peach blossoms are full of bloom on one side also called Taoyuan Town In order to preserve these irreplaceable resources and culture that have been inherited all the time, efforts are also underway to certify the “World Agricultural Heritage”.
For this reason, public and private sectors collaborate in the Gongdo region where wine, agricultural landscape, wine which is a large resource of Yamanashi prefecture gathers, and the gobote area where wine producing winery gathered, many visitors slowly appreciate the charm of the area with wine as the nucleus , Formulate a vision to realize a sightseeing spot that can be enjoyed and enjoyable, and stakeholders together promote the acceptance system, etc. to further promote regional tourism and revitalize the regional economy In the future, we aim to connect with the prefecture around the prefecture widely based in the Goto region.

Flow to the plan formulation

Aug, 17, 2015 Part1 Holding a preparatory meeting for plan formulation
Nov, 17, 2015 Part2    〃
Dec, 18, 2015 Part3    〃
Jan, 05, 2016 The Kyoutou wine resort promotion meeting establishment, design draft examination
Feb, 05, 2016 Concept planning, promotion council holding

About the Kyoutou area wine resort promotion council

Constitution member

In order to promote the concept, it is necessary for public and private sectors in various fields related to local tourism to unite. For this reason, we have established a council composed of administrative agencies, local tourism associations, winery groups, lodging organizations, secondary transport groups, agricultural organizations, and private organizations.

Secretariat of Goseong area wine resort promotion council
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Yamanashi Prefecture Tourism Department Tourism Resources Section
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400-8501 1-6-1, Marunouchi, Koufu-shi, Yamanashi
(public corporation)Yamanashi Tourism Promotion Organization
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Yamanashi-shi government office sightseeing inside of a section
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Fuefuki City Office Industry Tourism Department Tourism Commerce and Industry Section
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Koshu City Hall Industry Promotion Section
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