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Yamanashi city

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Peari City is located in the eastern part of the Kofu Basin, with a floor area of ​​289.80 square kilometers and the fourth largest in the prefecture. Between Soba and the southern part, we are in Kofu city and Fuefuki city, in the east part in Koshu city, in the north part in Saichin prefecture Saichin City and Kano Kawakami village in the north. In addition, we are blessed with the convenience of transportation, which is about 90 km from Miyako about 100 km, JR Chuo Line and Central Auto Tramway.
Topographically, it connects north and south along the Fuefukugawa River, the northern part is a mountainous area, the hilly area, the southern area is flat on the left bank of the Fuefukugawa River, the right bank spreads from the flat area, and the Nishizawa Valley, one of the best scenic spots in the country , Kobu Nobushigake in Japan 's famous mountain, Fuefukugawa Fruit Park chosen as the three major night view of New Japan.
The forest occupies 80% of the surface area and receives the benefits of the fertile grounds of the Fuefuku River and its river flow, such as Kotokawa, Mukogawa, Shinkawa, Shigekawa, etc., peaches spreading on gently slanted surfaces and flat areas The grape orchard has a beautiful landscape and boasts the highest production volume in the prefecture.

Walking course / Recommended spot

《Nishizawa Valley》
Nishizawa Valley is located in the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park and boasts one of the most beautiful vineyards in the country. Valley beauty interwoven with beautiful large and small waterfalls typified by "Nanatsutama Five Stairs Fall" is a masterpiece, rhododendrons of early summer and leaves of autumn are superb.
《Fruit park》
Fruit park is a big theme park with a theme of fruit. It is certified as Fujimi One hundred scenery of Shin Nippon 3 major night view · lover's sacred place · Kanto, you can enjoy Wanpaku Dome, Museum, Footbath etc, and the night view with the view of the basin is splendid.

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